A Way-Too-Early Duochrome Tutorial feat Mother of Dragons

Hey guys!


Last night in a thread on Reddit, there was a bit of interest when I mentioned that I frequently did a single-shadow look with Mother of Dragons by Shiro Cosmetics. I haven’t played around doing this with other duo chromes yet but I’m sure they would work just as well as this shadow. I discovered this “technique” totally on accident, all the more reason to practice, practice, practice!

Anyways, let’s kick this off!


Alright, weapons of choice. Sorry for it being out of focus, it is really, really bright in here and my eyes were watering super bad.

Up top, we have one super fancy brush from Forever 21. It came in a collection of 5 brushes. They don’t sell this particular set anymore but they have many others like it. They have this brush labeled as a “crease” brush…it’s really thin, rounded, and soft and is mainly what I use to lay down shadows. I’d compare this to Mac 231.

Beneath that, we have another super fancy brush, this time from H&M. This is just a big ole soft blending brush. It’s actually not that big, but it is decently soft! I’d compare this to the Mac 217. 

And over to the left we have the star of the show, Mother of Dragons. Again, please use whichever duo chrome you have on hand though please know that I have not tested it with any others. 

Not shown: water. Because that stuff does crazy things to this shadow. Special shout-out: primer. Okay, so, I know, the queen of all sins, I’m not using primer. Honestly, with this look, I don’t feel I need to/should since I’m manipulating the shadow bare skin vs wet. If you want to try this with a primer…go ahead, but again, results not tested!


Okay, hi. Here you can see the glory of my face first thing in the morning! I went to bed way too late last night and woke up all of a sudden (and too early!) today to the joyous chorus of lawnmower, edger, and leaf blower. Apologies for the slightly disgruntled looks as we go through this. Also, please do ignore the awful dry skin. I’ve warned y’all before how bad it can be.

Here, I am wearing foundation and only foundation.


Sweet, eye shadow! Here, I took my H&M fluffy brush and just lightly patted on the teeniest, tiniest, itsy-bitsy lil bit of shadow.  Yay, super pigment! I also just realized that my foundation had creased a bit in the eye I’m not working on. Ah, well. Another please ignore❤




More eyeshadow! This time, I took my little flat and rounded Forever 21 brush, got it soaking wet, and slapped down some Mother of Dragons up to my crease. 


Here, I basically went in, wet my flat and round Forever 21 brush again, and went in along my lash line top and bottom. That way, when the sun hits directly on, I’ll have a bit of a vertical gradient going on. I also went ahead and caught the other eye up really quickly just in case my fiancé woke up lol. No reason to scare the poor man! (Just as a side note, he actually did walk down at this point and wonder what I was doing. Called it!)


Yep, still definitely tired. But hey, that’s it! You did it! Sorry for this not being a professional set-up, I am in no means a professional on anything except perhaps books and salted caramel milkshakes.


Until next time, lovelies❤

-The Aeipathist


PS: “Why the lawnmower dudes gotta be up so early?” face.


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